No.700 Reflectors

A spectacular new artwork by Rana Begum

The new artwork at King’s Cross

No. 700 Reflectors is an outdoor artwork at King’s Cross featured on the 50 meter long Cubitt Wall by miriamandtom.

The piece features 30,000 reflectors which create a continuous surface of shifting colour and form on Lewis Cubitt Square, where it takes up the entire length of the space.

The work is by artist Rana Begum. It’s the first in a series of commissions that are part of The King’s Cross Project – a three-year programme of art commissions for the buildings and public spaces at King’s Cross.

Rana Begum, No.700 Reflectors, King's CrossAbout the artist

Rana Begum lives and works in London. Hovering between op-art and minimalism, Begum’s work features intricate geometric patterns, inspired by the traditional forms found in Islamic art and architecture. Above all her work comes out of her interest in the complexity, transience, and chance encounters of the city – the environment where half the world’s population now lives.

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  • Location

    Lewis Cubitt Square
    King’s Cross
    N1C 4AB