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Elegant interior design inspiration from Matter of Stuff

Posted: Wednesday 27th June 2018

Add a little raw elegance to your home with Matter of Stuff’s curated collection of artful designs.

Invites you to Touch

The Veiled (Tables)
Olga Bielawska

Inspired by an ancient statue, the artist creates the illusion of the softest silk surface using hard marble. Traditional inlay arts combine with modern innovations. 


Pushing Boundaries

Echo Table

UUfie gracefully pushes materials to their limits (wood, aluminum, copper and brass) to create a masterful design that blends the elements into a beautiful study of our natural world.


The Height of Eco-Design

Moreno Ratti, Stonethica

A textural, geometric and organic vessel, Contrasti emphasises the value (and waste) of our resources by recycling and reimagining marble off-trims. 


Art Passing Time

Clean Sweep
Umut Yamac

A sculptural timepiece and a work of kinetic choreography. An armature cleans away a coloured patina as a brass disc rotates on a 12-hour journey downwards. 


Find Light Within

Vitro Vas, Vitro Lux
Sarah Colson

These complimentary collections feature a series of hand blown glass vases in luminous colours, and a collection of simple glass lights mixed in colour and strung on gold flex cable.


Sculptural Desk Storage

Arturo Soto
Natalie Pichler

A stationery set made from a dark core of nero-marquina marble and polished brass. This elegant piece marries sacred sculptured elements with intelligent functionality.


Stellar Seating

The Lunar Chair
Lara Bohnic

Inspired by the lunar and planetary orbits, the lines of this chair mimic their trajectory. Majestic colours of orange, red, pink, petrol and black complete this regal perch.


 A Living Reflection

Bubble Mirror
Atelier Crestani

Crestani has been blowing glass since age 15 and this work achieves the seemingly impossible by breathing movement into an inanimate object in this futurist mirror.


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