Meet the Canopy Market Traders

A Q&A with Casa Cannoli Ltd, makers of Sicilian cannoli, Sicilian biscuits, pistachio and almond sweet spread

Posted: Friday 25th November 2016

How long have you been working in food and trading at markets?

2 years

Why did you start your food business and markets?

Casa Cannoli started from the simple observation that it was difficult to find a good cannoli in London. Having grown up in Sicily and knowing what goes into making this traditional pastry, we were confident that by recreating the authentic experience of eating one, people would fall in love with them.

How do you source your ingredients and/or produce your product?

At Casa Cannoli we freshly fill cannolis using the highest quality ingredients, most of them imported directly from Sicily but also from other parts of Italy.

Pistachio from Bronte at the foot of the Mount Etna in Sicily and Piedmont Hazelnuts from the North East of Italy are just two of the DOP certified ingredients we use for our cannolis.

Our ricotta -the crucial ingredient- is sourced from Palermo in Sicily and is made entirely of sheep’s milk as per tradition.

Do you have any interesting facts about your product or business? What’s your ‘USP’?

We pipe our cannoli fresh on demand which isn’t something you find very often unless you’re in Sicily. To make our concept unique, as well as producing the traditional cannoli in its classic recipe we also create our own flavours, most of which are inspired by Sicilian tradition. We also boast a range of contemporary recipes for special occasions and holidays.

Who is your ‘typical’ customer?

A lot of our customers are Italians looking for a taste of home ;) Other typical customers tend to be people who know cannoli and have had them before either in Sicily, America or Australia where they are well known, others may have heard about them but never has the pleasure of tasting them for which we are very happy to serve them their first proper cannoli!

Why do you think people love markets?

We think people love markets due to the incredible variety, quality and realness that they offer. A lot of the traders are serving up very traditional recipes & others take a modern approach to things which gives great variety and new tastes combinations never seen before. Shopping at markets also helps support local businesses and in many cases care for the environment through slow food movements which the public are all for backing.

Which is your favorite market you have visited?

Real Food Market at Kings X, Broadway Market, Chelsea Market at Duke Of York Square

What do you think of the food scene in London at the moment?

London’s food scene is varied and there’s always something new to try and always a food of the moment. The quality of ingredients seem to be what matters most when looking around, something that we echo in our own products.

What do you think the new food trends will be for 2017?

As more food delivery apps pop up I think there will be an increase in healthy takeaway foods that offer the same convenience as traditional take out menus but offer more nutritional value and balance. Good fats seem to be making a comeback and are no longer the enemy. People seem to be more likely to indulge in butter, avocado, good quality oils, olives & nuts.

To shop Casa Cannoli, visit the Canopy Market, trading from Friday 25th 10am-6pm, Saturday 26th 10am-4pm, Sunday 27th 10am-4pm, at King’s Cross.

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