Street Naming Competition results

Find out the final shortlist of the competition

Posted: Friday 20th March 2015

We are delighted to reveal the 29 entries that made the shortlist of the King’s Cross Street Naming Competition.

With an overwhelming 10,035 individual entries sent in from over 5,000 different people from across the globe, it was no easy feat to whittle it down.

But whittle it down we did, and with Wollstonecraft Street now decided, the remaining streets to be named will be chosen from the below much-anticipated shortlist:

  • Peppercorn Street
  • Deltic Street
  • Bagley’s Way/End/Lane/Street/ View/Boulevard/Range/Key/Path/ Place
  • Jellicoe Way/Road/Close/Street
  • Burdett Coutts Way/St/Road
  • Pearson Road
  • Claudia Jones Street
  • Elen Way
  • Espérance Street
  • Giordani Gardens
  • Harrier Street
  • Keskedee Way
  • Kohinoor Avenue/Lane
  • Krishna Menon Street
  • Lanza Street
  • Lowfleet Lane
  • Machen Way
  • Mackendrick Street
  • Mary Seacole Street
  • Shelley Mews/Place/Road/Street/Way/Walk/Square
  • Wollstonecraft Street/Road/Way
  • Prometheus Way
  • Panharmonium Street
  • Potato Lane/Market/Yard/Place
  • Reggiori Street
  • Plimsoll Place/Lane/Promenade
  • Toomey Road
  • Triplet Street
  • Warya Street
  • Wilberforce Lane/Road/Street/View/Walk/Way

Find out all you need to know about 10,000:1, which celebrates the conclusion of the King’s Cross Street Naming Competition, here.

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