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“Making cities taste better” - KERB is back on King's Boulevard where it all began

Back this spring!

From April 1st, KERB will be back on King’s Boulevard, serving up up some of the capital’s most exciting street food. Also watch out for weekend themed specials throughout the summer.

Kimchinary, one of Kerb's Street Food Stalls at lunchtime in Lewis Cubitt Square, King's Cross

KERB speaks

We caught up with food visionary Petra Barran – the lady behind London’s most popular street food collective, to find out what she had to say about KERB King’s Cross and why the two go perfectly together.

Petra began in the mobile food business in 2005 trading from Britain’s only dedicated chocolate van, Choc Star. She co-founded in 2009 and began feeding the hungry on King’s Boulevard in 2011. In 2012 she co-founded KERB. The King’s Cross venue is now firmly established as one of the capital’s hottest lunchtime spots.

Why does KERB love setting up at King’s Cross?

It’s great to be a part of the development of a space. When we first began on the Boulevard it was brand new with no new buildings and little occupation – it is ever-shifting and we love being a part of the progress. We are ever-shifting and ever-changing and so is the site – this can get a bit rocky sometimes but we like it!

What’s your favourite thing about King’s Cross?

It just has a very different atmosphere to anywhere else in London. It’s the combination of the industrial roots, the ghosts of the clublands, the canal and the junction of all this different life and activity – with food forging a new kind of narrative for King’s Cross. We love being a part of this.

What’s your favourite dish from a KERB trader?

Impossible question! Some favourites are The Everybody Love Love Jhal Muri Express, Luardos’ fish tacos, The Grilling Greek’s oregano and feta fries, BAO’s soya milk fried chicken and then The Crumbery’s fried rice pudding balls with salted caramel.

What’s your favourite ingredient to cook with?

Garlic ; )

Any cooking tips to share?

Errmmm….don’t overcook your pasta!

Finally, do you have a favourite kitchen gadget?

A nice sharp knife.


King’s Boulevard

Opening Times

Weds – Fri
12pm – 2pm