Granary Squirt

Download the app that let's you take control of Granary Square fountains

*Please note that Granary Squirt will be back soon*

Granary Squirt is a world first!

Granary Squirt, the app that turns your smartphone into your very own fountain remote control unit is now ready to download and play at King’s Cross.

To make it even more fun, we’ve developed games. The first to be released is the 70s arcade classic, Snake. And if you weren’t playing video games in the 70s, you might remember it from the 90s, when it came pre-loaded on the first Nokia mobile phones.

Up to eight people can play the game at any one time, allowing players to take control of a line of jets as they make their way across the fountain bays, dodging the sides, other snakes and taking care not to run into their own tails as they get longer.

This takes the idea of playing with the fountains at Granary Square to a whole new level.

How to Play
First, download the Granary Squirt app, Granary Squirt.
You can do this by visiting iTunes or Google Play

To play, you need to be at King’s Cross, in Granary Square between 4pm and 5pm. The rest of the time we save the fun for ourselves.

Once you get there make sure you’re using the free King’s Cross wifi.

The app will tell you your starting position, and the colour and direction of your snake.
Then…just point your smartphone at the fountains…and you’re off!

Terms and Conditions of Use

  • Location

  • About Granary Squirt

    Granary Squirt was conceived and developed by The Fountain Workshop who also designed and built the fountains at Granary Square.

    Play daily 4pm-5pm

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