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Creation, Community, Commerce: Women of King’s Cross

The new exhibition at the King's Cross Visitor Centre celebrating women who have impacted the world around us

Friday 10th February 2017 - Wednesday 19th April 2017

Women of King's Cross, Visitor Centre, King's CrossBe inspired by the women of King’s Cross

This new exhibition at the Visitor Centre celebrates extraordinary women, past and present, who have shaped both King’s Cross and our wider society. The women profiled hail from different walks of life and work across different disciplines – politics, science, commerce, the arts.

Some of the women featured are well-known historical figures – Virginia Woolf, considered the greatest modernist writer of all time, or Mary Wollstonecraft, whose name is inextricably linked with the origins of the feminist movement. Others are less familiar, yet their work is no less impactful. Many have fought for equality, fairness and social justice, themes that are as relevant today as they were in previous centuries.

Creation, Community, Commerce: Women of King’s Cross is a tribute to the spirit, talent and achievements of these women. Join us and learn more about the Women of King’s Cross.

The exhibition is free and can be seen at the Visitor Centre, 11 Stable Street, Monday – Friday 10am to 5pm, and Saturday until 4pm.



King’s Cross Visitor Centre
11 Stable Street