The Multi-Story Orchestra

For one night only, The Multi-Story Orchestra takes over the West Handyside Canopy

Wednesday 5th September 2018

Extraordinary performances in unexpected places

Join The Multi-Story Orchestra as they fill the West Handyside Canopy, Kings Cross, with music.

The Multi-Story Orchestra are unique in that they produce extraordinary performances in unexpected settings. From car parks to schools and festivals, they’ll perform just about anywhere you can imagine, creating live classical music experiences like no other.

In this unique event, the Orchestra head to the West Handyside Canopy, an outdoor space that stretched between the art college on one side and a grocery shop on the other, covered by a great expanse of canopy.

Lead by the young and talented conductor Christopher Stark, the Orchestra perform Schumann’s captivating Symphony No 2. Created in 1845-6, the moody piece was written during a time of great personal turmoil for Schumann, but became one of the richest, most compelling pieces he would ever write.

As always with The Multi-Story Orchestra, this won’t be a typical recital: the evening starts off with musicians spread across the site with the audience free to explore, and get involved before the group then comes together for a full performance.

“A revelation!” – Audience member


The Multi-Story Orchestra: Schumann Symphony No 2 takes place in the West Handyside Canopy, just off Granary Square, on Wed 5 Sept from 7pm- 9pm. The event is suitable for ages 8+.

Audience members are given two ticket pricing options: first, you can simply purchase a full price ticket at £10 to lend your support to the continued work of the orchestra. However, as a core ethos of the Orchestra that finances should never be a barrier to the arts, they also offer a heavily subsidised ticket at £5, should you need to avail of it. Read more, and book your tickets here.

  • Location

    West Handyside Canopy
    1 Wharf Road
    Kings Cross
    N1C 4BZ