Space Frames

Monday 13th January 2020 - Friday 31st January 2020

Space Frames by Studio Mieke Meijer is back!

Following its huge popularity in Coal Drops Yard last winter, Space Frames returns to King’s Cross, this time lighting up Granary Square with a playful installation.

Space Frames by Studio Mieke Meijer in Granary Square, King's Cross

‘Space Frames’ is the work of Dutch design Studio Mieke Meijer. The giant sculptural frames are crafted (by hand!) from a lightweight but super-strong aluminium skeleton, then covered with an industrial polyester fabric more commonly used in the aviation industry, before being lit from within. The frames are in fact a modular system and the individual elements can be easily taken apart and reconfigured, meaning the work can be re-used and creatively re-thought over and over again. This latest installation is the third configuration of the King’s Cross Space Frames by Studio Mieke Meijer.

About the design

Studio Mieke Meijer has been making domestic versions of the Space Lamps in their workshop for some time, but for this, the studio wanted to supersize their sculptures to create a visually stunning piece that emphasises the space they inhabit. The frames are inspired by the beauty of the rigorous and functional industrial architecture that surrounds them, including the Granary Building and nearby Coal Drops Yard. In fact, they trace and mimic the graphic outlines of Coal Drops Yard’s arches and structures.

You’ll find Space Frames at Granary Square.

This bespoke commission was made by Company Place from MDR Gallery for Kings Cross. And if you fall in love with this installation, can see the domestic versions of the lights on display at COS in Coal Drops Yard and they are available to buy from MDR Gallery on Lower Stable Street.

Granary Square,Kings Cross,London N1C London Space Frames
  • Location

    Granary Square
    Kings Cross
    London N1C

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