King’s Cross bee trail

Follow the Bee Trail app and help the bees!

Monday 9th July 2018 - Monday 10th September 2018

The bee trail, King's CrossDownload the app, take part in this citizen science project and become “bee aware”

We rely on bees to pollinate two thirds of our food, and yet their numbers are dwindling. Now you can do your bit to help by taking part in the King’s Cross Bee Trail.

The Bee Trail is an app-led, interactive walking tour that leads you around King’s Cross. You’ll learn about bees, why they’re important to us, and how we can help them to flourish.

Anyone can follow the trail, track the bees, and discover hidden worlds at the heart of one of the busiest parts of London. You’ll see the new habitats that have been created to help encourage our fuzzy friends. You can also earn vouchers to German Gymnasium, Caravan, Ruby Violet, and the Skip Garden.

King's Cross Bee Trail app, Skip Garden, King's CrossHow to take the trail

Download the app from iTunes for iPhones or Google Play for android phones and head to the German Gymnasium at 1 King’s Boulevard, where the first hexagonal sign is located. Then just follow the directions in the app and look out for the 7 hexagonal signs.

There are seven stops, each marked with an hexagonal sign. A 4-digit code on each sign, tapped into the App, unlocks a bee-related activity, followed by directions to a new part of the trail and, with it, a new activity.

As you go from one stop to the next, you’ll be asked to take part in some citizen science by counting the bees you see at different locations. Each completed count unlocks vouchers to the likes of German Gymnasium, Caravan, Dishoom, Ruby Violet and Skip Garden. The trail takes about 60 minutes to complete.

Urban Bees, Global Generation Skip Garden, King's CrossAbout the Honey Club

The Bee Trail is the brainchild of The Honey Club – a partnership from Global Generation, Urban Bees and Wolff Olins.

The Honey Club has a simple mission: to evolve and expand a network of bee caring communities in urban spaces through bee-themed events and bee-keeping training. Since 2011, designers, technologists, community activists, young people, journalists, beekeepers and gardeners have brought their creativity to take on a big, sticky problem: the lack of nectar and pollen from blooming plants for bees to forage in urban environments like our home in King’s Cross.

King's Cross, London King’s Cross bee trail

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