Conversation: Cocktail Perception Experiments

A cocktail party like no other - part of The Festival of Perception

Monday 22nd June 2015

Join us for an evening of enlightening conversation and cocktails that play with your sense of taste

Combining the drinks taste credentials of Christopher Cooper and the creative insights of artist, curator and School of Life faculty member Cathy Haynes, this is a cocktail party like no other.

Expect to step out of your small-talk comfort zone for more enlightening conversations, encounter new people and have your taste buds challenged.

Are words really getting in the way of perceiving a richer reality?

“To see is to forget the name of what one sees”, said the poet Paul Valéry.  Is it possible that everyday language shepherds our experience too quickly into neat little folds? Tonight we’ll shed some over-familiar words and make some gentle experiments with the play between language and perception.

Curator and artist Cathy Haynes will lead us to talk deeply, be creative and explore ideas that we’d never normally have the chance to share. Each guest will receive a special ‘conversation menu’, with perception-related topics ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime. With each new course of questions, a new drink will be served: playing with our sense of taste. You’ll come away with a new understanding of how language both creates, and is created by, the world we live in.


Cathy Haynes is a London-based curator, artist and educator. She is a founder faculty member of The School of Life and our former Curator of Public Programmes.


19.00 Welcome
19.20 Conversation commences (with cocktails!)
21.00 Event ends


Book your place by visiting The School of Life webpage.

About The Festival of Perception

The Festival of Perception is a series of unusual events that ask you to confront your perception of the world, other people, and yourself. Run in partnership with Guardian Live and The School of Life, the line-up includes film, music, the spoken word and learning.

Lewis Cubitt Square,King’s Cross,London,N1C 4AB London Conversation: Cocktail Perception Experiments


Lewis Cubitt Square
King’s Cross

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