Annihilation Event

Ideas collide at the Lethaby Gallery

Wednesday 22nd March 2017 - Wednesday 29th March 2017

Annihilation, Lethaby Gallery, Central Saint Martins, King's CrossIn particle physics, annihilation occurs when a subatomic particle collides with an antiparticle to produce other particles.

In a similar way, Annihilation Event brings together creative minds and intellects. For 6 days, artists, archivists, archaeologists, historians, technical experts and theorists from all over Europe will ‘collide’ and create. You can see the results at  Central Saint Martin’s Lethaby Gallery.

The gallery will be inhabited with objects, machines and performances. The event will also explore what is created in the collision, and the nature of copies, prints, derivations and reconstructions.

A highlight is the photosculpture project (see main image). The 3D imaging project, compiled by Anthony Crossfield, has produced a ruin of the Granary Building, a study in the ‘un-forming’ of structures.

Annihilation Event takes place in the Lethaby Gallery, in the Granary Building, from 22 – 29 March. See the Annihilation website for the full programme, contributors and opening times.

  • Location

    Lethaby Gallery
    Granary Building
    1 Granary Square
    N1C 4AA