Andy Leek residency at King’s Cross

Monday 29th June 2020 - Wednesday 30th September 2020

To celebrate the reawakening of London, King’s Cross has partnered with street artist Andy Leek for a three-month residency. Andy is best known for his @notestostrangers project – handwritten notes which have popped up across London since 2015, delivering unexpected and uplifting messages to passers-by.

For his residency at King’s Cross, Andy is using the whole estate as his canvas. His artworks will hopefully bring a smile and spread a message of optimism and positivity after our long period of lockdown and isolation. “A silver lining of the lockdown is the realisation of just how important we all are to each other.” This is the idea behind the first of Andy’s installations – ‘This Much’.

Resident artist Andy Leek's Emotional Support Card Shop in Lower Stable St, Coal Drops Yard, King's CrossPart 2: Emotional Support Card Shop

As a response to the uncertain and difficult times we are all facing, Andy wanted to get as many kind, supportive and encouraging words to people who need them as possible. Created in the same style as the ‘this much’ pieces, the colourful cards are all hand made, one-off pieces of art.

From 24 -27 September, the cards are available at a pop-up shop on Lower Stable Street. You can buy the pre-made cards for £20, or even collaborate with Andy in the shop to create a bespoke one-off for £60.

After the project, Andy will be donating a number of the cards to charity to be sold or given to people who need them.

Find Andy’s store on Lower Stable Street 24-27 September. Opening times are 10.00 – 13.00 & 17.00 – 20.00.

Part 1: This Much

For all these months, it’s been two metres of fear, loneliness and danger. I’m going to flip that into two metres of hope, positivity and humour. We all stayed apart to look after each other, to keep not only our loved ones safe but also strangers we’ve never met. It’s so easy to take things for granted until we lose them, so it’s nice to hold on to that feeling of how much we missed loved ones as things begin to return to some normality,” says Andy.

You’ll see Andy’s messages as you walk around King’s Cross, on King’s Boulevard, in Pancras Square, by the canal and on Bagley Walk.

King's Cross, London Andy Leek residency at King’s Cross

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