King's Cross

an extraordinary piece of London is taking shape

How have names been suggested previously?

Click on the image above to see a map of future streets that will need names.

So far, street names on the King’s Cross development have been given names that have a link to the history of the area and/or describe the layout of the street.

For example, King’s Boulevard is a long, tree lined thoroughfare that leads to the heart of the site.

Another example would be Handyside Street, which was given the name as it links the East Handyside Canopy with the West Handyside Canopy, two heritage structures, roofed over by Andrew Handyside & Co in 1888.


Street Naming Competition has Closed

The competition, which came to an end on 31 May, has given the public the opportunity to name up to 10 new streets in the 67-acre development. Entrants were able to submit as many suggestions as they wish by completing an online form or by visiting the King’s Cross Visitor Centre or one of Camden’s public libraries and completing a form.

It's not just Londoners, or even Britons who have entered the competition. People from all over Europe submitted entries and those from as far afield as the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Mexico, China and Africa have all made suggestions.

Some of the entries include Ladykillers Lane, because much of the film The Ladykillers was shot in King’s Cross; Boudica Road, after the warrior queen who is rumoured to be buried in the area and Betjeman Street, after poet Sir John Betjeman who had strong links to King’s Cross.

Representatives of the King's Cross Central Limited Partnership will now work closely with Camden Council officers and councillors to review the suggestions and consult the emergency and postal services before making an announcement on the shortlisting selection process later this year. Shortlisted names will then be allocated to new streets as they open in each phase of the ongoing development.

Street Naming Competition

The opportunity for you to put forward street names at King's Cross!

King’s Cross is changing rapidly. In the space of just over a year, King’s Boulevard has opened; Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design has moved to a new home in the Granary Complex; the King’s Cross Filling Station has become a new local hotspot; our first residents have moved into Rubicon Court and Saxon Court; and the public have been able to enjoy the summer in Granary Square.

The ongoing development will see the creation of a number of new streets. While some streets have already been given names, there are others that do not yet have a name. It is these streets that we would like you to suggest names for.

What are we doing?

We are inviting the public to suggest possible names for new streets at King’s Cross. This is a rare opportunity to name some of the streets within this extraordinary piece of central London.

These names will be reviewed to ensure that they are compatible with Camden Council’s guidelines on the naming of streets. Of these, the most appropriate, interesting and engaging names will be used for some of the new streets on the King’s Cross development.

What names will you consider?

All sensible suggestions will be considered. To date, six names have been chosen: King’s Boulevard, Stable Street, Handyside Street, Beaconsfield Street, Tapper Walk and Canal Reach. The names chosen have had a clear link to King’s Cross, whether past, present or future. That link may relate to notable people, activities or events that are associated with King’s Cross.

We would welcome suggestions that have a strong link to King’s Cross, but other names will be considered. Put simply, we want people to suggest appropriate, interesting and engaging names for the new streets.

All names will have to be consistent with Camden Council’s guidelines on the naming of streets. More information is available from the website here.

Do I have to suggest a name for all streets?

No, with each submission you can suggest as many or as few names as you like.

What if lots of people suggest the same name?

Each suggested name will be judged on its own merit. Successful suggestions will be chosen because they are interesting and engaging, not because lots of people might have made the same suggestion.

What will happen next?

We will review all of the street names that are suggested, filtering out any names that are inappropriate or that don’t meet Camden Council’s guidelines on the naming of streets and prepare a list for discussion with Camden Council.

Camden Council will review this list and discuss the suggested names with the Royal Mail and the emergency services who need to be consulted on all new street names in the borough as per Camden’s street naming policy.

Further discussions with Camden Officers and Councillors will then result in a shortlist of names that can be used as and when the new streets open that require naming.

The closing date for entries is 31st May 2013. We will announce a shortlist later in 2013.

The street naming competition is run by King’s Cross Central General Partner Limited, 4 Stable Street, London N1C 4AB


To discuss this competition further please contact:

Nabil Hanafi
Duncan Hepburn
London Communications Agency
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34-42 Cleveland Street

t: 020 7612 8480
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