King's Cross

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Resources for local schools

The King’s Cross development is one of the largest regeneration projects in the UK right now. The children living in the local area will grow up with this project. It is their neighbourhood.
Our schools program aims to engage local young people with the development project and ensure that they have the chance to benefit from all the investment that is going on here.
We work with primary and secondary schools in Camden and Islington, and the program supports schools in a number of ways:
1. School projects
2. Work experience
3. Information on careers

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Curriculum-based learning
The nature and scale of development at King’s Cross supports learning in a range of different subject areas. The development project is particularly well suited to cross-curricular learning. Areas that we have covered so far include: geography, history, business studies, citizenship, art & design, maths & financial literacy, engineering, marketing and environmental studies.
King's Cross is not an educational organisation. We work in partnership with schools, local authorities and other bodies, such as the Architecture Foundation and Industrial Trust in order to develop projects.

We are always interested in proposals for collaboration.

Please get in touch if you have an idea or proposal.

Schools Projects

We work with both primary and secondary schools and can tailor field trips and talks at the development site to support different areas of study. We have also developed bespoke projects around a range of curriculum subjects. An example of this is King’s Cross Detectives.

Watch this space! We are developing resources for teachers which will support classroom based learning.

Work Experience

Work experience is a great opportunity for young people to grow and develop. It can help build confidence, expand horizons and inspire future choices. We currently support a number of work experience placements for Camden and Islington pupils. In the future, we aim to expand this by working with partners on the King’s Cross development.

Information on careers

  • King's Cross - Information on careers

Exposure to as many different careers as possible helps young people make informed decisions about their future. There are a whole range of professions out there that many young people aren’t even aware of.

For example, the team at King’s Cross includes people with backgrounds and skills in; construction, finance, IT, administration, marketing, PR, community liaison, architecture, law, art and design to name just a few!

We give careers talks and participate in careers events in local schools. Our goal is to help educate local young people on careers and professions that they may not have considered.

Did you know?
The outdoor sports pitch at King’s Cross is available for local schools! The pitch is perfect for PE, football or basketball.
You can book the pitch by calling 0203 479 1795 or by
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