King's Cross

an extraordinary piece of London is taking shape

Viewpoint – see Regent’s Canal from a different angle

If you’re down by the canal, you’ll notice there’s a new addition to the landscape at Camley Street Natural Park. Viewpoint is a floating platform that looks to bring architecture and nature closer together.

This island hideaway in miniature is a peaceful spot to pause and take in views of the canal and the park. It takes the environment of the park out into the water, and helps people discover the nature and wildlife of the canal. You’ll catch glimpses of birds such as swans and moorhens, and maybe even a kingfisher if you’re lucky.

View Location

Camley Street Natural Park

Camley Street Natural Park is an urban nature reserve. A two acre haven in the middle of one of the most densely populated parts of London. Situated on the banks of Regent’s Canal, the park is a place for both people and wildlife.

Run by the London Wildlife Trust, the park was created from an old Coal Yard in 1984. The reserve provides a home for birds, butterflies, bats and a wide variety of plant life. Habitats include wetlands, woodland and meadow.

With a new pedestrian bridge planned across Regent’s Canal, the park will become more easily accessible from the Coal Drops and the area north of the canal.

Whatever your reason for being in King’s Cross, we are determined that the atmosphere is always warm and welcoming.

King's Cross – clean, safe and well-maintained.

Our ambition is that King's Cross will be the best managed estate in the UK. A place that is clean and safe at all hours of the day and night. A place that all people will want to visit and enjoy.