King's Cross

an extraordinary piece of London is taking shape

Transport infrastructure that's second to none

£2.5 billion has been spent on transport here in the last 10 years, and it shows. King’s Cross St Pancras is now the best connected transport hub in Europe. Learn more about the unique connections here .

New roads and bridges

  • King's Cross - New roads and bridges

20 new streets and 3 new bridges will connect King’s Cross with the surrounding city. King’s Boulevard, the main thoroughfare is already built. As is King’s Bridge which connects the areas to the north and south of Regent’s Canal. By the end of 2012, all key roads and public spaces will be ready.

The Energy Centre powers up!

King's Cross - The Energy Centre powers up!

The focus for energy efficiency and sustainability at King’s Cross is the on-site Energy Centre.
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Infrastructure that's future-proof

The development of King’s Cross has meant a rare opportunity for planned infrastructure. From the pipework carrying utilities to public internet access to below-ground delivery routes, everything has been thought through and carefully planned.

The first stage in the delivery of utilities infrastructure is now complete. As of the end of 2012, all the key roads and public spaces were in place.

"Plug-in" utilities

A site-wide network of pipes, cables and fibre optics has already been laid at King’s Cross. Spare capacity is designed in from the start and empty ductwork will be available to future IT providers. This will allow buildings to simply “plug in” to all required utilities. Every effort has been made to build in adaptable and flexible technologies that will hold in the future.

With this infrastructure already in place, there will be no need to dig up pavements and close roads for infrastructure upgrades.

Below-ground services for offices and retail

For the offices, retailers and restaurants around Pancras Square and along King’s Boulevard, goods and services will be delivered below ground via shared access routes. This means the streets here will be free from goods delivery vehicles. These underground service routes also neatly take care of waste and recycling.

Free WiFi

At King’s Cross WiFi is free to everyone. All the time.

Up to 5Mbps access – enough to stream a video.

Get connected!

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