King's Cross

an extraordinary piece of London is taking shape

King’s Cross celebrates its past

King’s Cross has a rich and varied history. This history is in the fabric of King’s Cross and is a big part of what makes it a special place.

The coming of the railways transformed this sleepy area into an important industrial heartland. It’s location at the meeting point of road, river and rail has shaped its history. It can be seen in the old buildings, the layout of the streets, and in the stories of the communities based here.

King's Cross - King's Cross Voices

King's Cross Voices

King’s Cross Voices is an amazing oral history project. Between 2004 and 2008, the people of King’s Cross told their stories and shared their memories...
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King's Cross - The history of the King's Cross area

The history of the King's Cross area

From Queen Boudicca and the Romans to the 21st about the history of King's Cross...
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King's Cross - Heritage Buildings

Heritage Buildings

More than 20 historic buildings are being creatively restored and given new uses. Read about the history of these buildings and their new use....
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“King’s Cross is a model of constructive conservation that captures the special quality of London as it has grown over the centuries.”

English Heritage