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We have developed a community and regeneration programme to help ensure that the benefits of the development are felt by the wider community. This programme has been informed by the community consultation that took place during the planning process and the socio-economic analysis and regeneration strategy produced in support of the application. The programme is focused on the wider King's Cross area and is delivered in partnership with a range of key stakeholders, including London Boroughs of Camden and Islington, schools and community groups, local businesses, charities and other public sector agencies.

The core of the programme is made up of regeneration projects linked to our S106 Agreement. These include provision of local amenities and facilities as well as programmes to improve skills, access to jobs, educational attainment, rates of business volunteering, access to finance, etc. We will deliver these projects over the course of the development period in partnership with London Borough of Camden and other local partners. Some of these projects are already underway and are making a difference.

King's Cross also supports community development projects in the area. We tend to support projects very local to the site that have some link to the development. Projects include the King's Cross Skip Garden and Capture King's Cross. These projects are part of our ongoing community engagement work that includes talks, presentations, visits, site tours and a range of events.

Our approach is to work in partnership with local people and organisations in order to share expertise and resources to develop projects with integrity. We are always open to new ideas and are happy to discuss ways of working together.

King's Cross - Community Investment

Community Investment

King's Cross is committed to supporting existing and emerging local communities through sponsoring a range of community development projects....
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King's Cross - Schools


There are a number of schools located in the King's Cross area. Our schools programme aims to support these schools by providing curriculum input...
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Employment and Training

The development at King's Cross brings employment and training opportunities to local residents. In order to make the most of these opportunities, we...
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King's Cross - Local Business

Local Business

We are keen to support local business activity and promote the economic performance of King's Cross. This means procuring locally where possible...
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King's Cross - Business Volunteering

Business Volunteering

Business volunteers can provide expertise and resource to local charities and schools whilst developing their own skills and local connections as a re...
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King's Cross and St Pancras Business Partnership

The King’s Cross and St Pancras Business Partnership has been set up by ten businesses based in King’s Cross and St Pancras....
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Community Contact

For information on our community activity or to get involved with our initiatives please contact Angela Jewell on 020 7339 0400.

King's Cross and St Pancras Business Partnership

For more information on the partnership or to become a member please contact Anne Hughes